Brenda Schaefer




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Stagnation is a cause of disease and decay, be it mental, emotional or of some other nature. Through a series of systematic and well-designed exercises, a state of natural ageing and overall comfort can be attained, freeing our bodies and spirit to enjoy fully the gift of life.

First Christian Church

Brenda Schaefer is a movement professional with a background in classical and contemporary ballet. She graduated from the Institute of Arts Arnhem (now ArtEz Institute of Arts).

After several years not being able to dance Brenda was thinking about how much she loved dancing. It reminded her that she was missing this in her life and at that exact moment she was introduced to the movement system of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESISs®. Soon after she started studying this movement system, she received her teaching certificate in GYROKINESISs® and is now on her way to become a certified teacher in GYROTONIC® as well.